Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Security and Disaster Management Studies (BSDMS)

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February 5, 2024
4 Years


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The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Security and Disaster Management Studies is an undergraduate degree programme that focuses on broadening students’ knowledge and skills on contemporary concepts, theories and practices relating to security and disaster management. Its main thrust is to build stakeholder capacity in their response to security and disaster threatening situations.

Entry Requirements for (BSDMS)

To be eligible for admission to the BSDMS, the candidate must comply with Section 4.0 of the ZNDU General Academic Regulations which include the following:

  • Normal Entry-   Have obtained at least 2 passes at ‘A’ Level including Geography. In addition, a candidate should have five ‘O’ Level passes including English Language and Mathematics at grade ‘C’ or better.
  • Special Entry-   A candidate who holds a Higher National Diploma, Executive Diploma in Disaster Management Studies, Security Studies or an equivalent qualification from a recognised institution may be considered for enrolment for the degree programme. Special entry shall be in accordance with the ZNDU General Academic Regulations.
  • Mature Entry-   Persons who are at least 25 years of age on the first day of the academic year in which admission is sought and who are not eligible for entry under Normal or Special Entry requirements may be considered for mature entry provided the applicant:
    – Has passed at least 5 ‘O’ level subjects at grade ‘C’ or better including English Language and must have  demonstrated potential suitability for university studies by virtue of their attainments and/or relevant work experience;
    – Has completed their full-time college education at least three years before the start of the academic year in which admission is sought;
    – Has attended interviews and or special tests at the University designed to assess their command of English Language, numeracy and reasoning ability and general suitability for admission to the degree programme and are working in the Defence, Security, Civil, Humanitarian, Environmental, Disaster/Risk Management or any other related field.

NB: Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission. Admission is based on the number of places available and is awarded based on merit.  The Department reserves the right to interview candidates to assess their suitability for admission into this programme.

Programme Synopsis

A synopsis of the programme outlook is as follows:

  • The minimum duration of the BSDMS is 8 semesters.
  • The programme is taught and examined at 4 levels of study, which are completed over four calendar years inclusive of an industrial attachment.
  • There are prescribed courses for each level of study designated as core or optional whose details are contained in the ZNDU Prospectus.
  • To successfully complete the programme, a student must accumulate a minimum of 270 credits.
  • A student should not carry more than 2 previous semester courses to a higher level.
  • All students must successfully complete a period of industrial attachment of at least 6 months to be covered over 2 semesters.
  • Industrial attachment should have been passed before a student can register for the final year of study.
  • Students may register with any relevant Social Science professional body.
  • At level 4 of the academic study, a student shall undertake a project or dissertation worth 30 credits submitted for assessment before the date specified by the Departmental Board, failure of which would result in not being eligible for graduation.
  • A student cannot be allowed to graduate without passing at least all core courses and a prescribed number of elective courses as defined in the programme regulations.
  • A student who fails a core course shall repeat that course.
  • A student who fails a required optional course may repeat that course or take an equivalent course specified in the regulations.
  • Repeat courses take priority over any other courses should there be a clash on the timetable.
  • The provision of supplementary examinations is not included on the programme regulations.

Career Opportunities

BSDMS graduates can be employed in various fields of disaster and risk management, humanitarian agencies, civil relief organisations, policy formulation, diplomacy, consultancy, academic, media, financial, governmental and non-governmental organisations/institutions including any other defence or security related fields.