The Zimbabwe National Defence University (ZNDU) is a new generation Defence and Security academic institution in Zimbabwe. Its distinct features are that it offers competitive academic study options in addition to serving as a national defence and security
think-tank. The university nurtures research, teaching, community
service, innovation and industrialisation in tandem with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology
Development’s new policy thrust on Education 5.0, geared to
enhancing national development. Added to this, the university has
put in place a comprehensive staff development programme for it to
remain competitive.

In support of its academic endeavours, the university has user friendly academic facilities such as libraries, e-learning centres,
seminar halls, auditoriums, virtual learning facilities, computer
laboratories as well as a well-equipped simulation centre for simulations and war gaming. The available campus-wide free Wi-Fi
gives participants/students the opportunity to access information
whenever and wherever possible. In addition, the university’s serene
surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of the capital’s central business district, makes it the first port of call for those in need of a peaceful study environment. The university is surrounded by low density suburbs such as Malbrough, Mount Pleasant and Mount Pleasant Heights which have the potential to accommodate students.

In addition, the university is easily accessible as it lies along the
Harare-Bindura highway. For extra-mural activities, the university offers some of the best sporting facilities in Zimbabwe’s institutions of higher and tertiary education. A fully equipped gymnasium provides the fit body and health mind matrix required for competitive, creative, innovative and critical thinking processes.

The university’s programmes are designed to foster creativity among students/participants drawn from within Zimbabwe and abroad. The ZNDU has a number of operational academic faculties which include the Centre for Defence and Security Studies, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, the university has an Institute of Strategic Research and Analysis, the Science and Innovation Hub, as well as the Pedagogy Centre.

In a nutshell, the university strives for academic and professional
excellence and as such, pays close attention to the state of its
facilities, teaching staff, students and quality of programmes. Details of programmes offered by these various faculties are contained in the next section of this prospectus.


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